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Thai Food Massage

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the feet and also lower legs

Origins of Thai Foot Massage

This form of massage originated in Thailand over 2000 years ago.

The techniques that are applied in the treatment have elements of other holistic techniques, including Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Reflexology and Chinese medicine along with traditional Thai massage, it is still a treatment that is taught by Buddhist monks to this day.

There is evidence  that shows early Egyptians, American Indians and Early African Tribes all knew about the benefits of foot massage and reflexology.

Normally carried out on a reclining chair in Thailand in the Western Hemisphere the treatment is normally carried out on a couch.

Benefits and Effects of Thai Massage

The benefits of Thai Foot Massage include all of the following:

1. Improves circulation to the legs and hands

2. Improve flexibility and reduces stiffness of the feet

3. Stimulate and accelerate the drainage of lymph

4. Helps to remove toxins and boost the immune system

5. Relieves symptoms of stress e.g. Anxiety and mental tiredness

6. Brings about a sense of deep relaxation and general well being

7. Enhancing the healing process of the body on all levels

8. Increase in overall energy levels

The Sen Lines

The focus of Thai Massage is on the 10 major energy lines of the body, known as the Sen Lines, where important acupressure points are found on these lines.

They are connected to the mind, body and spirit of the individual and represent the body’s vital energy forces which help to stimulate and control the processes of the body, including physical, mental and emotional.

When these Sen lines are blocked this can lead to disharmony of the body.

The Thai foot massage focuses on the Sen Lines that relate to the legs and feet and by stretching along these lines this leads to freeing up restrictions within the connecting tissue and helps to stimulate the flow of energy and vitality.

There are 3 Sen lines on the inner aspect of the legs and 3 on the outer aspect.

The Thai Foot Massage Treatment

The massage usually last 1 and a half hours and consists of the following elements:

1) Warm up

2) Thai stick work on each of the feet, starting with the right foot

3) Preparing the foot and legs for the Sen work

4) Working each of the Sen Lines on each leg

5) Wrapping the feet and working the wraps

6) Stretching the feet and legs

After Care Advice

1. After the treatment has been given the client should rest for a couple of hours to fully enjoy the benefits

2. Drink plenty of water to help the body in the natural detoxification process

3. Avoid a heavy meal along with tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking after the treatment

4. Look to have a treatment on a regular basis